Just a Girl {OPEN}

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Just a Girl {OPEN}

Post  deezeno on Sat Jan 15, 2011 8:20 pm

Athena walked into the Ravenclaw common room with a book in her hand. She settled herself in a chair near the corner of the room, as far away as she could get from the few people in the room. Athena was a bit of a loner, she prefered books to most people. 'Knowledge is Power' after all. She brushed her long black hair out of her eyes and opened her book, wanting to learn as much about her new school as possible. She flipped to a random chapter of Hogwarts, A History and tried to de-stress from her sorting. She was glad she wasn't in Gryffindor; the less she saw of James the better. She avidly read about her new house, focused solely on the pages, never noticing the passing of time.


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